Band Fundraising with Coffee Can’t Be Beat


Just about every band needs to have a fundraiser at some point. School bands come with a lot of expenses, including for uniforms, instruments, instructional materials, and even field trips at times. No matter what your school band may need to raise money for, Java Joe’s has a great band fundraising opportunity to help you meet those needs.

A band fundraiser that focuses on Java Joe’s Fundraising will not only help provide the funds needed to meet the band’s needs, but it will be giving people a great drink. In fact, when it comes to band fundraising ideas ours is hard to beat, for numerous reasons including:

  • The high profit potential. Coffee is a product that pretty much sells itself. It’s one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, so you are offering a product that people want. The profit potential for your school band fundraiser will be great when you go with offering coffee.
  • The support that Java Joe’s Fundraising provides is unmatched in the industry. In order for your band fundraising to be successful you need support. We are only as successful as we help those doing the fundraising to be, so we have developed a program that will help you succeed. We provide all the support you need, and we provide you with the professional brochures and order forms. It’s all been done for you and is ready to go.
  • The great variety we offer. Nobody wants to get stuck having to purchase one variety of coffee. That’s why at Java Joe’s we offer 23 varieties of coffee that are fresh roasted to order. Additionally, you will be able to offer smoothie mixes, chai, and hot cocoa to those who would prefer those options.
  • The potential for re-orders. When you get your band fundraising in place you can get people to re-order, even placing their orders online. Plus, your bags of coffee will have your custom logo on it, so they will keep coming back to you for future purchases.


Java Joe’s Fundraising has helped with school band fundraiser options around the country. Our program has become so popular because we have created a great system that works. There are no minimum orders and no upfront costs either. For your next band fundraiser go with Java Joe’s and you will get the funds you need and then some!