Why Coffee is a Sure-Fire Elementary Fundraiser


If you are just starting your search for elementary fundraising ideas you will find that you are bombarded with lists of them. There are elementary fundraisers that cover the gamut, having you sell just about everything. But rather than try to learn about all those different types of products and scramble to try to figure out how to sell them, think about coffee.

Coffee is a drink that is familiar and comforting to people. Therefore, it just makes sense that a coffee fundraiser to help meet your elementary fundraising goals is ideal. Beyond the fact that so many people love coffee and drink it daily, there are numerous other reasons why a Java Joe’s coffee fundraiser is a sure-fire method to having a successful money-raising campaign, including:

  • Java Joe’s offers 23 different varieties of gourmet coffee for people to choose from. From French Roast and Jamaican Me Crazy to Hazelnut Crème and Rainforest Caramel Crunch, there are delicious options with something for everyone. And for those who prefer something outside coffee, you can offer them our popular smoothie mixes, hot cocoa, and chai. We now even offer our gourmet coffee in recyclable single serve K-cups, for those who prefer those.
  • The program at Java Joe’s offers a high profit margin, which means that you will be able to easily raise the money you need in doing an elementary fundraiser. Our elementary fundraising program has been successfully used by schools around the nation. Our coffee is also all foiled sealed in bags and has your school’s custom logo on it.
  • We have created a system that is guaranteed to help you be more successful. In doing that, our elementary fundraiser comes with all the support you need, the marketing materials to look professional and make sales easier, and the ability to place orders and re-orders in a simple manner.


Elementary fundraising ideas may be abound, but it is hard to beat a coffee fundraiser with Java Joe’s. There’s a reason why thousands of schools have used our programs around the country. We don’t require any minimum orders, no start-up fees, and we help you every step of the way. At Java Joe’s Fundraising we want to ensure that your elementary fundraiser is a success, which is why our program has been designed to be just that!