Java Joe’s Fundraising Focuses on Customer Service


When it comes to coffee fundraising ideas, there are plenty of them out there, but not all of them have been created equally. When it comes to choosing the coffee fundraiser that will help you raise thousands, Java Joe’s is the way to go. At Java Joe’s Fundraising we place the highest importance on providing the best possible customer service experience.

At Java Joe’s Fundraising we realize you have plenty of coffee fundraising options. But there is a reason why so many people turn to us for their fundraising needs. We not only provide a high quality product that virtually sells itself, but we have the competition beat when it comes to customer service. Here are some of the things we do to help ensure your coffee fundraiser is a success:

  • We provide an online chat room right on our website. If you have any questions, we can answer them in real time, while you are surfing the site. Our fast response time allows you to get the answers you need without having to pick up the phone or send an email. We are ready when you are!
  • Our team wants to see you succeed with your coffee fundraiser, so we make every effort to answer all questions thoroughly. We will provide you with the information you need to get started, successfully sell, get re-orders, and raise the funds that your group needs.
  • Whether you want to reach us online or by calling, we are always ready to provide you with the service you deserve. We are happy to also send you out a sample of our gourmet coffee, so you can taste for yourself what you will be offering in your coffee fundraiser.

At Java Joe’s Fundraising our excellent customer service is what has helped us become so popular. When it comes to coffee fundraisers, we remain a leader, offering a wide variety of coffee flavors, as well as gourmet drinks for those who don’t drink coffee, such as double chocolate frappe, hot chocolate, and vanilla chai. We provide you with everything you need to have a successful coffee fundraiser, and we are happy to help you all along the way!


Tips for Heating up Your Winter Fundraisers


All year long there are fundraisers that are needed. Whether you are running a preschool, church group, or a youth group, funds need to be raised. But not all fundraisers will work throughout the year, and especially when we enter winter. The colder winter months mean it’s time to find a fundraising idea that will appeal to people and help heat things up!

Coffee fundraisers make an ideal option. Why? There are numerous reasons, but for starters it is one of the most popular drinks in the world. People love to drink coffee! When it comes down to it, most people want to help your organization raise funds. They really do, but you have to offer them something they will also want to have. With a coffee fundraiser you simply can’t go wrong!

With winter just around the corner, here are a few tips for heating up your winter fundraisers:

  • Have a plan. Think about how you want to go about organizing your fundraiser and who your target market it is. The more you have thought about it ahead of time, and have your game plan together, the more successful you are likely to be with your fundraiser.
  • Think gifts. Winter time means that we also have the holiday season here. Coffee makes for great gifts, and it’s a great idea to suggest to people. Those who don’t know what to get their co-worker, hairdresser, or others, can always get them some gourmet coffee, and help with your fundraising mission at the same time.
  • Hit up offices. Don’t think of just individual people for getting sales from your fundraising idea. Think about who you know working in offices. Most offices have a break room and have coffee brewing. Work on getting them to support your group or organization by buying from the coffee fundraiser for their break room.
  • Brew some up. There’s a reason why free samples sit out in stores. They sell products! Brew up some gourmet coffee from your coffee fundraiser so people can give it a try and taste for themselves how good it is. That will sell the coffee all on its own.
During the winter months you can offer people a warm option when you go with a coffee fundraiser. Attend a winter carnival or event, set up a table, and offer some fresh brewed coffee. Have some there to sell, so that people can taste and buy. As the weather gets cooler it’s the perfect time for a warmer fundraiser for your school, group, or church!

3 Reasons to Consider Coffee Fundraising with K-Cups


It’s no secret that the world loves coffee. In fact, it’s one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world on a regular basis. This makes considering a coffee fundraiser one of the best ideas. Whether you are looking for a school fundraiser, considering various coffee fundraising ideas, or are just considering fundraising, we have a great program for you.

Here are 3 reasons to consider doing a coffee fundraiser with K-cups:

  1. People love K-cups. It’s estimated that there are over $3 billion per year spent on K-cups in America. That amount is spent on purchasing over 8 billion K-cups. You would be offering people something they like and are ready to use. Since millions of people own the machines that take K-cups, including them in your coffee fundraising just makes sense. It will help to increase your sales.
  2. You can recycle them. Not only do the K-cups come in materials you can recycle, but we also offer a reusable Java 1-cup. So those you are offering them to for your fundraising will not have to worry about compiling waste. Let them know they can recycle the K-cups, too, as it’s a great benefit.
  3. The coffee is great! People love Java Joe’s Coffees, and our K-cups come in two of our most famous blends. They are available with Jamaican Me Crazy, which is an exotic blend of caramel, vanilla, and kahula flavors. It’s also available with Java Joe’s Blend, which is a medium bodied coffee blended from the finest Central and South American coffees.


Coffee fundraising has become popular around the country. Whether fundraising with church groups, school groups, preschools, or a wide variety of others looking to do some successful fundraising, this option works. America loves coffee, so it’s an easy sell that allows you to raise the funds you need. And offering K-cups just makes your coffee fundraising that much easier and more successful. Great tasting coffee is now available in K-cups for your fundraising needs. You can’t beat that!


How to Make a lot of Money from Your School Fundraiser


Most schools turn to fundraisers these days in an effort to raise money. Whether they need it for the PTA or to help with music equipment, sports or something else, fundraisers can be a great way for schools to earn additional money they need. And most schools want to earn the most amount of money that they can from a fundraiser, which is understandable. Putting in the time and effort should yield great results. This is why Java Joe's Coffee Fundraising has come up with a new program that helps schools make even more money from their fundraisers.

Many schools use fundraising techniques that merely involve giving out brochures and hoping they get sales from them. Java Joe's Coffee Fundraising takes it to a whole new level! While those using the fundraiser still get professionally designed full color brochures to hand out, they also have the ability to get online sales. Most people are online and use social media. People trust making online purchases and online sales make it easier to reach more people and give them the ability to place their own order for the products that they want.

Plus, when a school has an invoice for at least $3,000 for a Java Joe's coffee fundraiser, they make it easier for the administrator, too. When your group sells this amount or more, Java Joe's ships all of your school's orders pre-sorted with the name of the student on the box. This makes it simple for to distribute the orders to the students, so they can give them to their customers. Administrators love this, because it saves a lot of time and avoids confusion.

Opting for a fundraiser like Java Joe's Coffee Fundraising will give you the ability to maximize your efforts and make the most money. You will have beautiful full color brochures and you will be able to sell online. By selling online your school will have its own page where people can purchase products with their credit card, and you can share the link on social media to increase traffic within minutes.

Java Joe's Coffee Fundraising is always looking to make fundraising easier, less work, and more lucrative for schools and other groups. That's why they remain a leader in the school fundraising industry!


Java Joe’s Fundraising Offers New SMS Capabilities for Online Fundraising


Looking for some great fundraising ideas? Look no further to those offered by Java Joe’s Fundraising! Our coffee fundraising program is used by thousands of groups throughout the country. Whether you want to make money fundraising for your school, church, sports group, or band, we have you covered.

We are excited to announce that we have made it even easier for you to earn a lot of money with our coffee fundraisers. Our coffee fundraising program now has SMS capabilities and new online fundraising features. This gives you the ability to reach more people faster, giving you the ability to earn more money from your fundraising efforts. Most people prefer to do their transactions online today, and we have made it easier than ever before to do just that.

Some of the benefits of using online coffee fundraising include:

  • It is easier to reach more people. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can reach hundreds of people, including by email and social media.
  • You no longer have to go door-to-door and try to sell the products. Most people don’t like solicitors coming to their door anyway, so you avoid upsetting people.
  • Online coffee fundraising is simple to do and makes it easier to keep in touch with people. You can quickly send a text message to update people on ordering dates, prices, and reminders.
  • It’s a more updated route to fundraising for your school, church group, or band. Most people have Internet access, helping to widen your reach.

Our new SMS capabilities for our online coffee fundraising programs will help your group raise even more money than before. Plus, it makes it even easier for you and your team. When it comes to school, group, church, or band fundraising ideas, coffee fundraising can’t be beat. Most people love coffee and they want to support your group. We make it easy for them to do both!

Our coffee fundraising program offers a variety of coffee flavors, including French roast blend, breakfast blend, flavored coffees, and specialty drinks, such as mocha frappe, premium hot cocoa, vanilla chai, orange creamsicle, and more. Contact us today to get started with your group, team, band, or school fundraiser!


5 Things to Look for in School Fundraising Ideas


If you are looking for lucrative school fundraising ideas, you are not alone. Each year there are many people around the country who are looking for school fundraising ideas. Whether you are looking for band fundraising ideas, or you are fundraising for your school, sports group, or church, there are some things you should keep in mind.

There are a lot of school fundraising ideas out there, but not all of them are created equal. Not all of them will help your group earn a lot of money, either. It’s important to do some investigating so that you choose a school fundraiser that will help your group earn a lot of money from your efforts.

Here are 5 things to look for when it comes to school fundraising ideas:

  • An easy fundraising program. The fundraising program you choose needs to be easy so that you are not investing a lot of time or becoming stressed out over it.
  • A lucrative fundraiser. The reason you need fundraising ideas is so that you can earn a lot of money, so opt for one that is going to help you do just that.
  • A product people want. Opt for a selling something that you know people will want, so that it’s easier to sell. If it’s something you wouldn’t want to buy, then it will be hard to sell to others.
  • A company you can trust. Your fundraising ideas should always come from a company that is well-established and has a great reputation.
  • A product you know and understand. Your fundraising ideas should only include products that you know and understand. Coffee fundraisers, for example, are an option that works well because they offer a popular product that everyone understands.

Being able to earn a lot of money from your school fundraiser or band fundraising ideas is a top priority. At Java Joe’s Fundraising, we have taken what people are looking for a in a fundraising idea and we have turned it into a lucrative coffee fundraiser. By selling coffee, which is something that millions of people love to drink, you can help your group, school, or band to earn a lot of money. Plus, we have created a fundraising program that is easy to use, so that it’s headache free for both you and those helping to sell the coffee.

Our coffee fundraisers offer a variety of premium coffees, including flavored coffees, as well as specialty beverages. We have a popular coffee fundraising program in place that many people use. We’ve made it easy, we’ve made it lucrative, and it’s something your group is going to love! Contact us today for a free coffee sample.


5 Simple Steps to Fundraising Success for Your School or Group


Schools, groups, sports clubs, and bands all around the country engage in fundraisers each year. They play an important role in helping to ensure that their members have the funding they need in order to pay for equipment, cover travel expenses, or get their needed supplies to keep going. Yet not everyone knows the right way to manage a school fundraiser so that it’s lucrative. Knowing that to do can make a world of difference in the outcome.

Here are 5 simple steps to follow to help your school, church group, or sports club have a successful fundraiser:

  • Pick your product. This is one of the most important steps, because you have to have something that people will actually want to buy. Coffee fundraisers are so successful because people love to drink it. In fact, it’s one of the most popular beverages in the world, making it an easy sell. Plus, when you pick a coffee fundraiser like Java Joe’s, we offer 23 different varieties to choose from, so there is something for everyone.
  • Set a goal. Figure out how much money your school fundraiser needs to earn in order for you to feel it was successful. This is a number that you will use as your yardstick and also share with those who are part of the team.
  • Rally your troops. Determine who is going to be a part of the fundraising effort and get them on board. Let them know what their role is in helping with the school fundraiser so that they know what is expected of them. Also, be sure to mention that they need to provide good customer service, by being polite, helpful, and always thanking the customers.
  • Make your connections. Many people are against solicitors stopping by to sell products, so it makes good sense to try to do more online sales. At Java Joe’s we make it simple for people to place their fundraising orders online. It’s convenient and a low pressure, yet simple, experience for all.
  • Follow up. Once you get the initial information out there about the school fundraising options, be sure to follow up with people. Some may forget that they need to get the sale in, while others may have questions you can help with. Following up will keep the fundraising ideas fresh in their heads.

A coffee fundraiser provides your group with a great way to earn the money they need. Putting someone in charge of managing it will help see it through to success. Every great team needs a leader, even when it comes to great fundraisers. Check out our coffee fundraiser to see how easy it is to set up, manage, and earn money off of. We even offer SMS capabilities, making it easier for you to have a successful coffee fundraiser. You won’t be disappointed in our coffee fundraising program!