High School Fundraising Made Easy


By the time students reach high school, they and their parents have been exposed to a lot of fundraising along the way. They may feel burned out, but the need for high school fundraising hasn’t gone away. Perhaps even now more than other years, the funds are needed for a variety of reasons including supporting extra-curricular activities, field trips, and purchasing those much-needed school supplies.

When it comes to high school fundraising ideas, doing a coffee fundraiser is an option that will help keep people from becoming burned out. Most adults and even some high school students tend to be coffee drinkers, so the potential to sell a lot and earn a lot is going to be high with a coffee fundraiser.

High school fundraising using coffee sales provides an ideal opportunity for numerous reasons, including:

  • Being easy to sell. A high school fundraiser that offers coffee will come with everything that is needed for the students, parents, or staff to make sales easily and with little effort. At Java Joe’s Fundraising, we provide you with all the professional brochures and order forms needed to market and take orders. All is roasted to order and packaged in sealed bags with your custom logo
  • Having a simple program. While we provide you with all of the assistance you need to run a successful fundraising campaign, you will find that it’s a simple program. There are no upfront costs and no minimum orders, making it easy to take and place orders.
  • Not feeling burned out. Many people are so over selling things that it may be difficult to get people to purchase. But they won’t feel burned out having 23 varieties of gourmet coffee to offer to people in this type of high school fundraising campaign. After all, coffee is so popular that it practically sells itself.


High school fundraising ideas may abound, but it’s a safe bet to go with a coffee fundraiser with Java Joe’s Fundraising. Offering people a product they want will help you have a successful fundraising campaign, and it provides you with the opportunity for re-orders. Java Joe’s Fundraising has perfected the high school fundraising option of selling coffee. Get started with your program today and start making money right away!