How to Pick the Right Middle School Fundraiser


When it comes to looking for middle school fundraising ideas, it all comes down to one thing: You have to believe in what it is that you are selling. It’s tough to sell something to someone when they believe it will collect dust, not be used, melt, or it’s just something that they are not interested in. But that’s what makes a coffee fundraiser so different!

At Java Joe’s Fundraising, we have perfected a middle school fundraiser that gives you a product that is simple to sell. Just think about how many people love coffee that you know. Being that it’s such a popular drink it makes it easier to sell. But it all comes down to picking the right middle school fundraiser if you want to be successful. Here’s how to go about picking the right program for your school:

  • Believe in the product. When you believe in what you are selling in your middle school fundraiser you are more apt to be successful selling it. Coffee is a product that most people can feel good about and get excited about selling.
  • Consider the overall program. Having a middle school fundraiser is more than just signing up for something. You want to make sure the company has a good reputation, provides you with the customer service support that you need, and that they also provide you with marketing tools that will help sell the products. At Java Joe’s Fundraising we have built a rock-solid reputation by having a great program. We offer all the support you need to succeed, we provide you with full color brochures and order forms, and all of the coffee you sell will be foil-sealed with your custom logo.
  • Offer people something they can use. Too often middle school fundraising ideas involve something that people really don’t need or want. Some will still feel obligated to purchase, while others will just turn you away. When you offer something they want or need it’s going to be that much easier having a successful middle school fundraiser. Coffee is a product that people love, so selling it is easy.


At Java Joe’s Fundraising we have helped many middle school fundraisers to be successful. Whether you need the funds for your next field trip, new instructional materials, or something else, we have you covered. Our coffee fundraiser has been designed with you in mind and will give you everything you need to succeed. See why so many other middle schools have said that our program is the right one for them!