Need a successful preschool fundraiser? No problem!


Having a successful preschool fundraiser is a lot easer than you may think if you go with a place like Java Joe’s Fundraising. A coffee fundraiser has become one of the most popular types of preschool fundraising ideas out there, and for good reason. People love coffee, so it virtually sells itself, and it offers a high profit margin, giving you the ability to quickly earn the money you need.

Whether your preschool fundraiser has goals of buying new equipment, instructional materials, you want to plan some fun field trips for the kids, or you are just supporting your overall program, our coffee fundraising program works. You can have a successful preschool fundraiser when you keep these tips in mind:

  • You need a great product. One of the key factors to having a successful preschool fundraiser is that you have to start with a great product. By opting for Java Joe’s Fundraising you are giving people what they love – their choice of 23 varieties of gourmet coffee. The coffee is available in K-cups and is roasted to order. What’s not to love?
  • Knowing everything is not realistic. Running a preschool fundraiser you should not be expected to know everything about how to do it. After all, your business is running a preschool. Our business is running fundraisers, so when you work with Java Joe’s we are adamant about providing you with all the customer service assistance you need.
  • Marketing your product is essential. With coffee being so popular it is an easy product for most people to sell, but you do still need to do some marketing. Our program has been designed to give you some of the marketing tools you need in order to succeed. We provide you with the full color professional brochures and order forms, making it easier to market and sell for your preschool fundraising.
  • Being able to customize rocks. When you hand someone a bag of gourmet coffee and it has your preschool’s custom logo on it, that says a lot! It looks professional and will keep them coming back to you for future purchases. You will be building a system of re-orders that will continue to help out with your preschool fundraiser.


At Java Joe’s Fundraising we want everyone to succeed with their coffee fundraiser. Our program tops the list of great preschool fundraising ideas. We have the products people want, the support you need, and the profit margin that will help you earn the money to meet your preschool’s needs. Get started today with your preschool fundraiser and you will be well on your way to successfully earning!