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Brewing Instructions

 For best results, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • For the freshest coffee, we always recommend ordering whole bean and then grind just enough beans before brewing.
  • Air is coffee's worst enemy! Store your coffee in an air tight container at room temperature.
  • Use odorless quality water.
  • Clean your coffee equipment regularly according to manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Grind should match brewing method. For instance:

Ground for Auto Drip

(typical home coffee makers)

Auto Drip Grind


Ground for Espresso

Very Fine Grind

Ground for French Press

Very Course Grind


  • Water to coffee ratio is critical. Typical ratio is 1-2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 oz of water.
  • Hold brewed coffee in a thermal carafe, no directly on retained heat source.
  • Microwaving brewed coffee to reheat is not recommended.
  • Our 'Ground' coffee option is specifically for Auto Drip coffee makers which is for typical use.However, if you require a special grind as listed in the table above, we will be glad to accommodate any of them.Please contact us.