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In baseball, a “cup of coffee” refers to a minor league player who has spent a short time in the majors. Who knew a literal cup of coffee can help a baseball team raise much-needed funds? With Java Joes Coffee Fundraising, baseball teams can easily meet their fundraising targets—and have lots of fun while doing it.

Java Joes Fundraising improves any baseball fundraiser by providing 23 types of gourmet style coffee for the team to sell, not to mention specialty beverages such as chai, frappe and cocoa especially for non-coffee drinkers.Teams can even put their own logo on the bags of coffee for free. The Java Joes fundraising pack also comes with free glossy order forms. There are no minimum orders so teams can just order as many units as they need for their fundraiser. They can even maximize their profits with repeat orders.

So apart from freshly roasted coffee, what makes a baseball fundraiser a hit? Try hitting the fans’ sweet spot by also selling Java Joes Fundraising Cookies to give people something to snack on while they drink their awesome Java Joes Coffee Fundraising. Give away a free cup of steaming hot Java Joes with each plate and people will be so thrilled with their first taste of the coffee that they’ll want to buy a whole bag. Alternatively, avoid the risk of a rainout by holding an indoor event such a buffet dinner where fans can meet the team and, again, get a free sample of Java Joes Fundraising before buying a bag.

Want to put on a baseball fundraiser that’ll score a home run? Give Java Joes Fundraising a call today at 877-341-2332 ext. 3 and let America’s leading coffee fundraising company help the team put on a unique fundraising event that people of all ages will enjoy. Baseball fundraising has never been so delicious.


We aim to please so let us help you reach your baseball fundraising goal while providing a high quality coffee product that your customers will be sure to fall in love with. In addition, you will receive a free sample of pure roasted coffee to show potential customers.


• 23 types of coffee to offer people
• All coffee is freshly roasted to order
• Smoothies – simply add fruit to the vanilla mix!
• Cocoa, Frappe, and Chai
• Your custom logo on bags
• K-Cups Available



• No minimum fundraising orders
• Free professional order forms
• Easy online ordering system, fast delivery
• Caters to all coffee drinkers, as well as non-coffee drinkers
• Highly profitable product with big profits
• Repeat orders

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