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Looking for a fun way to raise funds for an organization needing a financial boost? Why not hold a dance fundraiser? People love to dance, especially with shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance inspiring a whole new generation to tap their feet to the beat. By combining dancing with coffee you can have a very powerful fund generating event for your dance.

With Java Joes Fundraising, a dance team fundraiser can make big profits for even the smallest of organizations. Although Java Joes Fundraising provides plenty of free glossy order forms, there are no minimum orders for a dance fundraiser. Event organizers can just order as many units of coffee as are needed for the dance event, no more and no less. Not only are there 23 types of coffee to choose from, but also other kinds of beverage such as cocoa, frappe and chai. The organization doing the fundraising can even get its own logo put on coffee bags for free.

So apart from good coffee, what makes a dance fundraiser go with a bang? Whether you organizing a themed dance, such as a Wild West dance or an event inspired by past eras Java Joes Fundraising can make your dance fundraiser a huge hit from start to finish.

Partnering with Java Joes Fundraising makes dance team fundraising fun, straightforward and effective. For a fresh and unique way of fundraising, pick up the phone, give Java Joes Fundraising a call at 877- 341-2332 ext.3 and start organizing a dance fundraiser that will never be forgotten and make your organization pleasant profits you can use. In addition, you will receive a free sample of pure roasted coffee to show potential customers.


• 23 types of coffee to offer people
• All coffee is freshly roasted to order
• Smoothies – simply add fruit to the vanilla mix!
• Cocoa, Frappe, and Chai
• Your custom logo on bags
• K-Cups Available



• No minimum fundraising orders
• Free professional order forms
• Easy online ordering system, fast delivery
• Caters to all coffee drinkers, as well as non-coffee drinkers
• Highly profitable product with big profits
• Repeat orders

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