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What better way for a high school football team to raise vital funds than with a Java Joes Fundraising football fundraiser? Java Joes Coffee Fundraising makes HS football fundraising a fun and fulfilling experience for all involved. It’s never been simpler to score big with a football fundraiser utilizing Java Joes high quality coffee beverages.

Raising much needed funds with a consumable everyday product people buy anyway is easy, putting the team in a great position. There are 23 different types of gourmet style coffee and also a range of specialty beverages for non-coffee drinkers, including chai, frappe and cocoa. Football teams can even put their own logo on the bags of coffee for free. The Java Joes Fundraising pack also comes with free glossy order forms. There are no minimum orders, allowing teams to simply order as many units as they need for their fundraiser, no more and no less.

With the sport being so well-known and popular, it’s possible to draw a huge amount of people to a football fundraiser if the team has the right ideas for it. They’ll be so smitten with the coffee’s luxurious taste that they’ll buy a whole bag to take home with them. When done the right way, a football fundraiser hardly takes as much effort as a goal line stand. Make the right play and call Java Joes today at 877-341-2332 ext. 3 to get a free sample of our quality freshly roasted coffee. Let America’s leading coffee fundraising company help the team score a touchdown with its next fundraiser.


We want to help you with your financial goals and Java Joes can help you be successful on and off the football field. Let us help you reach your football fundraising goals while providing a highly sought after product that your customers will be sure to want to bring home with them.



• 23 types of coffee to offer people
• All coffee is freshly roasted to order
• Smoothies – simply add fruit to the vanilla mix!
• Cocoa, Frappe, and Chai
• Your custom logo on bags
• K-Cups Available



• No minimum fundraising orders
• Free professional order forms
• Easy online ordering system, fast delivery
• Caters to all coffee drinkers, as well as non-coffee drinkers
• Highly profitable product with big profits
• Repeat orders

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