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Score a huge hit with your next youth soccer fundraiser by contacting Java Joes Fundraising. This is one of the most innovative activities your players will ever be involved in. Give a kick-start to your organization, and get your team on its way to achieving great things with all the money they have raised with a proper soccer fundraiser.

This is one of the better soccer fundraising ideas because nearly 107 million people drink coffee every day, and the average coffee drinker consumes 3.5 cups of this beverage. These consumers can either buy their coffee from a coffee house or make it from home, but the fact is they are still going to buy it. You can have them purchase it from you instead by making this coffee a part of your soccer fundraiser. Many people are thrilled to do so when they know they are helping you with your team’s goals.

When you contact Java Joes Fundraising, you don’t have to worry about coming up with unique soccer fundraising ideas. We offer you the opportunity to provide your customers with a variety of high-quality coffee products that they are sure to enjoy. A few of the products we are proud to offer for your soccer fundraiser include 23 different varieties of coffee, cocoa, frappe, chai tea and smoothies.

It’s extremely easy to get started on a soccer fundraiser with Java Joes Fundraising All you need to do is call 877-341-2332 ext. 3 or visit our website and enter your contact information, the name of your team, and the date you would like to begin your campaign. One of our representatives will then get in touch with you to let you know how to proceed with your soccer fundraiser. In addition, you will receive a free sample of pure roasted coffee to show potential customers.

We want to help your goals come to life so your team can be successful on and off the field. Let us help you reach your soccer fundraising goal while providing a highly sought after product that your customers will be sure to fall in love with.



• 23 types of coffee to offer people
• All coffee is freshly roasted to order
• Smoothies – simply add fruit to the vanilla mix!
• Cocoa, Frappe, and Chai
• Your custom logo on bags
• K-Cups Available



• No minimum fundraising orders
• Free professional order forms
• Easy online ordering system, fast delivery
• Caters to all coffee drinkers, as well as non-coffee drinkers
• Highly profitable product with big profits
• Repeat orders

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