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  What do Java Joes Fundraising, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuuts and McDonald's all have in common? Lots of great coffee! North Americans love coffee so much that 107 million of us drink it. averaging 3.5 cups per day.

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Hi Kathrine, We love the logo! It looks great, and thank you for getting it done so quickly, wow! We are very impressed so far with your fundraising company and we look forward to having our kids start in October. Thanks again. Andrea  

Mike, Thank you so much! You guys have been fantastic! Regards, Andrew P. Neidner  

I cant thank Nicole enough for all of her help with our fundraiser. She answered any and all questions I had, regardless of how silly or small they were. To top it all off, Nicole went above and beyond when a mix-up was made by the shipping company. The products were delivered when promised and everyone loved them. From beginning to end, Java Joes is a wonderful company to work with. Thank you to everyone, especially Nicole!  

We had a wonderful first Java Joe fundraiser at our preschool. The experience was pleasant thanks to Nicole who walked us through step by step. Nicole was professional and helpful in so many ways, we appreciate her skill. We have many happy customers too. We will be back again next year!  

Hi Mike- we tried your coffee its awesome! We would like to do coffee, hot choc, tea etc fundraiser in February if possible. Let us know when & what info we would need to get to u to get started. Thank you! Toni  

A huge Thank You to both Denise and Nicole – the final order has been received. Your patience and support are to be commended, job well done ladies. Thanks again for everything! Lisa Awtrey Middle School, GA  

I am very impressed with Java Joes. Every person I have talked with has gone out of their way to help me (especially you and Denise). I passed out the coffee and fudge on Monday and I have already received compliments on the taste and quality of the coffee and fudge. We will do another fundraiser with Java Joes. Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable (and fun) fundraiser. Nathan, Pine Forest HS Orchestra.  

Thank you so much! This has been such an awesome fundraiser for us. Its probably the best one we ever done! Java Joes has been great to work with. Thank you for all of your help! I think I would like to do the fudge fundraiser in the September.  

We tried everything....t-shirts, hot chocolate, recycling. With only a few weeks to raise money, we tried the fudge. We made more in ten days than in three months selling everything else! And when I asked about cutting the delivery window shorter to avoid spring break, they cut it in half! Great customer service. This will be our primary source of funds next time!  

Hi Mike! Wanted to thank you and your company for our recent fundraising drive. We sold 279 units and earned $1,400 in sales and donations in just two weeks! We received so much positive feedback about selling coffee as a fundraiser. No one including myself have ever heard of this idea.Our school is for special needs children and relies on fundraising for field trips, sports programs, etc. The principal and staff were ecstatic about the results. Our recent fundraiser has laid the groundwork for future drives. Now that we have proven that Java Joes is a quick, high-profit option for raising money our school, I am sure they will expand their efforts in the future(on-line sales, fudge, cookies). What a great company to work with. In closing, please thank your staff for their efforts. Any questions I had were answered quickly. They were a pleasure to work with and definitely contributed to our success. Thanks again, Mike  

This is our second year selling Java Joes coffees. Both fundraisers did very well. We are a small non profit Dance Company, and this helped us out alot. You are very easy to work with and very helpful with any questions we had. Thank you very much. Look forward to working with you again. Robin Laurel Dance Company  

Thank you, we did a lot better that we thought, when we do next year we might try the cookies and fudge, we are very impressed with the quality of the products, and the quick turnaround. Thank you for working with us!  

Thank you so much! We have already had rave reviews about the coffee! Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with. We look forward to doing this again next year! ~Krystal  

Thank you so much for adding "flavor" to the Child Development Education Alliance annual conference in Jacksonville, FL. Conferees enjoyed the coffee throughout the day and LOVED the fudge. Having the added treat made their conference experience complete. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your superior products with us. Daisie Overman CDEA Secretary  

Hi, Everything went great. We brewed the coffee, (it is Delicious), cut little bits of fudge, little bites of brownies and had it all available for sampling last Tues & Wed nights as our parents visited campus for curriculum nights. We had created our cover sheet, copied onto tan paper (coffee), glued it on top of manila folders included all 3 order forms inside and sent home with parents after our curriculum nights. Parents liked everything and seem excited about the fundraiser. Thanks! Karen  

I did want to share that we have had many compliments on the products, and we are very happy with the service we have received from Java Joes. I have shared (by request) your information with Carnahan Elementary, Forester Elementary, Scobee Elementary (I am on that PTA Board too) and I will be sharing with the School I teach at; University Day School. Again, thank you for helping us have a successful Fundraiser, and being patient with us as we go through the due process of getting the check to you. Thank You, Marisa Smithers  

Just wanted to let you know that everyone who bought from our campaign totally loves their products. Thank you for representing my trip to Costa Rica! J Mary, Spanish Teacher, North Branch High School  

Thank you for the well wishes. Best to you and yours as well. Additionally, I wanted to thank you for the teriffic experience I had and the service I recieved when dealing with your company. I would certainly enjoy working with you again in the future and referring your program to others. Sincerely, Courtney Sullivan  

When I receive the invoice, I will submit it to my business department. It will then have to go through the school board and payment will be sent upon approval from the school board. Thank you again for the help throughout the process. I find your organization very easy to work with!! John Muchlinski  

Dear Mike, Attached please find the Webster High Schools Robotics Team's Confirmation Form to begin our fundraising event for Java Joes. By almost unanimous vote, Java Joes was the fundraiser they were most excited about! I shall forward our logo to Kathrine ASAP in the appropriate format. Michelle T, Bolognesi  

The sample is delicious! My school administrator gives us the green light! I will fax the form over hopefully today or early morning tomorrow. Thanks! Beth Langton  

Dear Mike & Kathrine: Last night was Parent Teacher Night at Ball High. Normally, the Choir Boosters are hidden in the Choir hallway. For the first time in 3 years, the Principal moved us out of that hallway into the General Commons Area! While this may not seem like a big deal to an outsider, for us it was badly needed validation which ultimately will raise our visibility in the school and help ensure our overall success. We passed out free cups of coffee and brownie samples and garnered the support of the School Board in return! The products were well received, but, our Logo was the talk of the evening! (I can assure you, Kathrine, there will be no more changes!) We were assured that our logo and our needs would be featured in several District-wide publications. In addition, we were formally invited to set up at tonight's Homecoming Game to take our first orders from Alumni.  

Hi Mike, I just wanted to personally send you a note and tell you how wonderful this fundraising experience was for our center. Customer service was top of the line, accuracy of order was excellent, the ordering process was smooth, your communication with me was just out standing, and the taste of the products was delightful. I Have not been more pleased with a fundraising experience. We did not make a huge amount of money this time, but I am sure will we in the future. Just wanted you to know!  

Attached I have submitted all the necessary paperwork to start out yearly fundraiser. We have worked with your company last year and not only was the sale a success, your company was a pleasure to work with. You were always easy to get in touch with and corrected any problems right away!! Looking forward to another great year!! Thanks, Jodi  

For the first time doing this fundraiser- it was a HUGE success. Everyone was pleased with the coffee and cookies that they received. This is going to be an annual event for us!! Thank you so much.  

Hello Mr. DeLuca... I just want to let you know how happy I am to have done business with you and your staff! They are ALL so incredibly professional and very helpful. Our coffee and cookie orders all have come in and all of our customers are very satisfied. The labels look great as well! Thank you for doing business with our group. Have a wonderful summer! Mrs. Danielle Gross HCS Spanish Teacher 7-12  

I love it very much,it also helped my group a lot in getting a new bus and also a new uniforms to compete in the finals thanks  

Thank you Mike!! I've "shared" my logo with you. Please let me know if you have any issues and thank you SO much for your EXCELLENT customer service!! Washington Island Student Council  

I was looking to raise some funds for our scholarship program with help from our Honor Society. As a first time try, I was pleased with the results. Even more so, the service and prompt attention to any of my questions was most impressive on behalf of the staff at Java Joe's. Calls and emails were returned quickly and everyone was very pleasant. Overall a very positive experience which we will contiunue.  

Kathrine, I was very impressed withe the bag label. When I had sent you the label information I did not have a log to send at that time. I was so excited to see how amazing you made the label look! Thanks for taking the extra time to make it look so good! So yes I approve:-) Thanks, Cathy  

Just got finished with doing a fundraiser for South Elementary School, Mt. Carmel, IL. Our coffee came and it filled our hallways with the wonderful smell of your coffee. Although there were some mix-ups in some of the student's orders, your staff was on hand to handle any problems we had with patience and such kindness! A huge shout out to Katherine ;) !!!! Not only did we enjoy the smell coming from those boxes, we totally enjoyed the coffee!!! Everyone I have spoke to loves it and can't wait to get more! We think it beats Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonalds!!! Way to go Java Joe's!!!!!  

It was a pleasure doing business with you. I was very pleased to see the quality of the cookie mixes that you sent and the coffee......WOW! It smells and tastes amazing! I waited a couple weeks to get some feedback from some of the folks that had ordered and they have all been very pleased with the products and the taste. Thank you so much for your help on our project. We WILL be back in the fall.  

Nicole, OMG, I just got home from work and running around and found this box on my porch. I was not expecting to see the real thing, My Relay For Life, purple bag, our logo and everything yet. I didn't think I'd see one until I made an order. I was so excited. My 12 year old granddaughter really likes it too. She's been my little Relay helper for 4 years now. You guys are great and really treating me so special..Thank you. I am taking one to work tomorrow and try to get some pre-order interest. Thank you so much. Please thank Mike as well. I feel very blessed to have found you guys. Linda Reynolds Relay For Life of Rock Island County  

We are a non-profit Early Head Start center currently serving 24 children from the age of 6 weeks to three years. We’re always looking for ways to supplement our limited funding and struggle to find a valuable fundraiser. I don’t want families to buy things that are junk and will likely never be used or overpriced candy that goes against our mission of teaching healthy eating habits. This is what attracted me to your coffee fundraiser. As an avid coffee drinker myself, I know this is a product I could easily persude family and friends to purchase in support of our center. We’re looking for a spring fundraiser, likely to begin late March or early April. We do have a logo and I did some research online about having that included on the packaging – a great idea!  

Hello! I received my coffee order today! The purple and black bags and the Knights logo is absolutely perfect! Everyone who saw them today was totally excited! I have counted the order and it is correct. Thank you so much for such good work. I hope all my customers love their coffee as much as I love the bags; I'm sure they will. I'm already planning to sell cookies in the spring and make our coffee fundraiser an annual event. Thanks, Susan Peyton  

THANKS for working with use sooo well. Although we did a small fundrasier - you guys have been great and I would recommend you to others. Susanna, Countryside Robotics  

I would like 10 extra order forms please. thank-you for your help i am very impressed with your customer service! Cross Hill Mennonite Youth Group, SC  

We used Java Joe's coffee and cookie dough as our 1st fundraiser. I cannot I can't say enough about the quality of the products and the customer service. I was having a hard time with orders coming in late and Mike was so helpful and understanding in placing them all for us, understanding that we were working with 8th graders. I also had some errors in the orders and without hesitation Mike took them and we had by the end of the week. It wouldn't have made a difference any other time but of course it was holiday break. I feel that Mike and this company knows how to go that extra mile for their customers. No matter how big or small the order may be. Thank you all at Java Joe's. I would highly recommend them for your next fundraiser. Debbie Kutik @ Cazenovia HS  

Java Joe's fundraising is one of the best out there. Our situation was not the standard, and Mike was more than happy to work with us to make it happen. We never had an issue contacting Mike or getting a response via e-mail. It's easy to tell that customer service is first and foremost with Java Joes. The coffee is attractively packaged with custom labeling and the aroma is heavenly. They really do go out of their way to help you succeed. It's a win win for everyone and we look forward to many more fundraisers with them. Thank you Mike and Java Joes!  

We the Fundraiser Committee at Salemburg Elementary have been very pleased with the services provided by Java Joe's Michael De Luca. It was our very first coffee fundraiser event and Michael was very patient, kind and helpful to us. He responds to your emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. He told us exactly when to expect our merchandise and it was delivered on time. We would highly recommend this fundraiser to other schools. Thanks again, The Salemburg Elementary Fundraiser Committee  

Thanks everyone, this has gone well. Especially to the Java Joe's staff, as getting all these orders to all the fundraisers in time for the holidays can only be achieved with highly coordinated teamwork on your end. Have a wonderful holiday season, -Dale Johnson  

We had a wonderful experience working with Java Joe's! The order delivered sooner than expected. We only had 2 tiny mix-ups that they helped us correct and they sent out the orders right away. Everything went great, hope to work together again next year! THANK YOU!  

Thank you for a very smooth fundraiser! I have never personally coordinated one but this went very smooth! Everything arrived on time and complete! Susan Petty Tennesee  

I am SOOOOO glad you sent the sample of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee. It was AMAZING!!! I made a pot of coffee here at the school with the sample and there were a bunch of people that commented just on the aroma alone. The staff that were fortunate enough to have grabbed a cup absolutely loved it. They are even spreading the word for us. Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work!!! -Kirk from Happy Camp School , California  

Hello! I received my coffee order today! The purple and black bags and the Knights logo is absolutely perfect! Everyone who saw them today was totally excited! I have counted the order and it is correct. Thank you so much for such good work. I hope all my customers love their coffee as much as I love the bags; I'm sure they will. I'm already planning to sell cookies in the spring and make our coffee fundraiser an annual event. Thanks, Susan Peyton  

It arrived today! Just after I answered your email I had a call from the office telling me my coffee had arrived. I am impressed.. Thanks, Elaine Harder Robinson High School, IL  

This is a re-order! We loved your products.  

Our coffee arrived today! Just after I answered your email I had a call from the office telling me my coffee had arrived. I am impressed.. Thanks, Elaine Harder  

I appreciate Java Joes on how they stood behind their product. This was our first time participating in this fundraiser and overall it was very good. The customer service support was amazing and they went above and beyond to help make this a good experience. Many thanks to them. - Cori E. 5th grade teacher  

I appreciate Java Joes on how they stood behind their product. This was our first time participating in this fundraiser and overall it was very good. The customer service support was amazing and they went above and beyond to help make this a good experience. Many thanks to them. Cori E. 5th grade teacher  

Thank you for such a fast response. I really look forward to working with you again in the future. The coffee was great (I bought some for myself), and the service was wonderful. Please keep us in mind for future fundraisers or if you have any type of specials. Again, thank you for such a great experience. Ronda A. Griffith, Business Teacher - FBLA Adviser  

Yes, we did receive our order forms. Thank you for checking! I told another person at your company this is my first time organizing a fundraiser and so far your company have been incredibly helpful and thorough!!! Thank you! Thank you!! :)  

Fundraiser is underway. Thanks for getting those flyers to me so quickly! I'm impressed  

As always, I love the Java Joe's fundraiser! The ease of submitting your order, the efficient manner in which the staff responds to inquiries makes it an awesome experience that sets this fundraiser above the rest! Thank you once again!  

Love, love, love this fundraiser.....the coffee was a hit! We did very well with this fundraiser. We will def. be doing this again next year. A huge thank you to Michael for always helping with any questions or concerns that I had. We appreciate everything you did for us from day one til all of our orders were out and correct.  

Mike - thank you for all your assistance and support during our first fundraiser with Java Joe's! I will recommend this fundraiser to my counterparts here in Hawaii!!! Mahalo for your patience with us and for helping us every step of the way!  

Hi Micheal, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you all know there that we will be having a fundraiser with you all the beginning of November. I have so many people asking for your coffee. We have enjoyed working with you in the past and can't wait for another exciting year of fundraising for our Marching Band. See you in the Fall, have a wonderful blessed summer. Madonna Schultz/ BHS Marching Band  

I have a new fundraiser starting today, until Friday, November 18. I'm working with Java Joe's Coffee for this one. I will be sending out order forms this afternoon, so check in your kid's back pack. 10 oz. coffee bags (either whole bean or ground) for $13.50, which works out to 34 cents/cup. ticks will be: 1 tick per 2 bags sold. They sent me a sample of "Jamaican me Crazy" coffee, and it was awesome! They will be putting our logo on the coffee bags, and delivery should be by the week of Dec 5. I will let you know if we receive them early. Java Joe's has suggested that we try to sell 10 bags per student. Great stocking stuffer for the coffee lover. They don't just have coffee, there's hot chocolate as well  

The product is very good and it was easy to use it as a fundraiser. Everyone seemed to want to buy a bag because it can also be presented as a gift. A good way to fundraise!

Our students enjoyed selling the coffee and cookies! We were able to meet our fundraising goal with this project. We are looking forward to using Java Joes again next year! Dr. Kevin Newman, Administrator, Cornerstone Christian School, Wasilla, AK  

Java Joe was a great fundraiser for our Prom. We loved the personalized packaging and appreciated the prompt delivery! We will be in touch again next year.  

Thank you Java Joe's for all your help and answering all of my questions. Our fundraiser was truely a success. This coffee is so delicious, it sells itself. Our order arrived promptly and accurately. We could not be more pleased. We hope to make this an annual fundraiser! We had a lot of requests for KCups, hopefully this will be an option in the future. Thank you!  

Thank you for all of your help with our inaugural fundraising effort! This was our first year as an official environmental club, trying a fundraiser to allow for a trip to a river museum for our members. We met our goal and the students will be rewarded with an amazing educational opportunity as a result! The fundraiser was a big success for us, in part because of the amazing customer service we received....every question I had (and I had some!) was answered immediately. The process was so easy and upon submission of the order, the product was received in a VERY timely fashion. Customers were, indeed, satisfied!! Thank you!! Tara Hutchcroft, Biology Teacher and Environmental Club Advisor  

This was our organizations first fundraiser and  Mike at Java Joes Fundraising made it easy. Everyone at Java Joes was helpful throughout the entire process.  I was pleased to say our first fundraiser was a success. Thank you Mike . Oakwood Water Polo Club, Brentwood, California.  

Hi Mike, I just wanted to say Thank You! I received the package via FedEx yesterday with the coffee with our East Bridgewater Music Parents logo on it and it looks AWESOME! I can’t wait to show the rest of my group at our next meeting. I also received a second sample in regular mail today with a sample and some paperwork. I believe it’s the same paperwork that I filled out and scanned to you on Wednesday. If you need anything else from me, please let me know. Otherwise I will talk to you very soon so that we can get started. Thanks again, Tricia Fuller (Trish)  

Good afternoon Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Java Joe's order today and everything is perfect! Thank you for all your assistance in making this a successful fundraiser for our girls. I will definitely be recommending this fundraiser again. The bags are beautiful, our logo looks awesome! Thank you again for a great fundraiser! Happy Holidays!! Stacy Izarek :-)  

Good aftrenoon Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I receviced the Java Joe's order today and everything is perfect! I will definitelty be recommending this fundraiser again. The bags are beautifull,our logo looks awesome!. Thank you again for a great fundraiser! Happy Holidays Stacy Izarek  

Just want to say thanks for all your help and encouragement with our Java Joe fundraiser. It was easy and stress-free! Not a single complaint from parents! I appreciate the care you took with our order. We’ll do this again next year! Colleen Huston, principal Confidence Elementary School  

This fundraiser was a breeze, and the profits were amazing. Our decision to begin our sales campaign in November really paid off. Because we could deliver the products before the holidays, people placed extra orders to use as gifts. Although we selected the colors of blue and gold for our packaging, we might use gold and silver or red and green next year. (The coffee comes in shiny bags, which look very festive and are great for holiday baskets.) Don't hesitate. Seriously, give this fundraiser a try!  

This was the first time we did this type of fundraiser in our organization. I must say it was a smash hit and just in time for Christmas. The coffee smelled incredible and beautifully packaged in the holiday green and red bags. Turn around time was amazing. We appreciate Java Joe and we are looking forward to doing it again in the Spring of 2012. CHCAEOP Chapel Hill-Carrboro Association Educational Office Professionals  

Mike, Thank you for working with the West View PTO! We had a lot of positive feedback from many people about this fundraiser and I have given your information to other schools and organizations. It was great working with a company that always returned phone calls and emails in a very timely way. I am part of another organization that might benefit from a Java Joe's Fundraiser, but this organization is very small. Is there a minimum order amount? I would love to try to do this fundraiser for my other group too but I do not anticipate a nearly 400 item order like the West View PTO had. Please let me know and I will discuss this fundraiser with the group. Thanks again! Jessica McCarthy Kindergarten Teacher West View School  

I would just like to thank Java Joe's and their employees for all the help they gave me through my first order with them. They are very polite and helpful. The coffee is great and we recieved a lot of compliments selling this product. I will definitly be using Java Joe's again for our band fundraising.  

I am so excited about this fund raiser! We've never sold anything like it at our school, and I've worked here 27 years!!! I am considering 2 I-tunes cards - $25.00 each - to get them selling :) Looking forward to it! Thanks Mike! Terri  

This was an amazing fundraiser!!! This was our first year to sell it and now 2 weeks later the community is asking for it back. Very easy order forms to read and fast delivery. We could not ask for a better fundraiser to help support our school. PTO President  

Good morning, The Bremond Elementary PTO would like to do another fundraiser before the holidays. It is back by popular demand. We have 320 kids. It has amazed me how we just received your orders and now people want more. OMG this is just so Awesome. Thanks and have a great day!!!!  

Our kick off was a huge success!!!!!! Thank-you so much for sending the coffee for us to use at our Oktoberfest, and because we had samples available I had orders that evening. Thank-you again, people loved your product and the packaging! Julie Grewe Capac Band Boosters  

This is the best fundraiser we have ever done! It was so easy to sell, we received the product quickly after ordering, and our supporters were pleased with their orders. All of the flavors I have tasted have been wonderful! Awesome company delivering an awesome product! We will definately be doing this one again next year. Thanks Java Joe's!  

The fundraiser has been going great! Everyone seems to love the idea of selling coffee as opposed to all the other "junk" that's out there. We will definitely do this again next year!! Thanks for getting in touch with us!! Wendy J. Bailey 8th Grade English/Language Arts Magnolia Jr. High  

I want to let you know the students are raving about the coffee, frappe and other mixes. This was a fantastic fundraiser! Thank you, Kari Trudeau  

Thank you for the free sample that you sent. I heard it was delicious. The ladies in the front office opened the box and immediately made a big pot of Jamaica Me Crazy coffee. I'm told that the pot was empty within minutes, and the word spread about how great the coffee was.  

"Thanks! The coffee is so good and smells incredible. Made it at school in my room and the entire hall can’t wait to get some! Selling point! Yes, we received the packet. Students have already started the selling. Three have come back for a second page. Going Great So Far. The people are loving the names and the available flavors. For our small town to get things like this we have to order or travel for two hours to Amarillo. You have a great idea here and it is working well for us!" Thank you, Susan Francis, Perryton High School  

Great Coffee! We Love the new Smoothie that you have  

Michael, I received your coffee and was blown away. It was great! I have a question for you. Is there a limited order? I have a team of 29 but we live in a very poor area and I do not believe that everyone will be able to sell a minimum amount so I was going to offer this as an optional fundraiser. I will also be selling the coffee because several of the teachers on my campus were impressed with your sample. If there is not a minimum amount then I am looking into beginning the sell ASAP. Cheerfully, Shana Green Del Valle Middle School Physical Education Coordinator CATCH Champion Cheer Coach  

Mike, We loved the Jamaican Me Crazy! We are going to go ahead and move forward with this as our fundraiser. I know that we will not be sending information home with students until the end of September. We want our kids to get into school before worrying about a fundraiser quite yet. What do I need to do to get things moving? Jessica McCarthy Kindergarten Teacher  

Mike, This looks great..... cant wait to start . Received coffee sample yesterday- having a hard time not opening it for myself. I want to have parents at the first PTSO meeting sample it too..we usually have about 50 parents at our meetings. I plan to use small sample cups like (Costco). I will tell you I also Requested info from other companies and I was not Impressed with those companies. Love your packaging.,order forms and the coffee smells yummy !!!!! Donna  

Fundraiser was easy, service was prompt, and the coffee was excellent.

What a wonderful experience from start to finish. Great turnaround - wonderful service - I can't say enough. This is by far one of the best fund- raisers we have done.  

Mike at Java Joe's helped us through every aspect of our fundraiser. Everyone loved the coffee and we will definitely sell Java Joe's again next year.  

We wanted to thank Mike for making our Coffee Fundraisier with Java Joes Fundraising a huge success for our band Bob Smith Ohio  

What a great fundraiser! We are actually doing it again for our spring season The product is excellent and the customer service was terrific. We made over $700.00. Easiest fundraiser we have ever done. NFA's Girls Track Team  

We just concluded our first Java Joe's fundraiser. It was a very successful endeavor that surpassed our expectations. The positive feedback from our satisfied customers has been overwhelming. If you are serious about making money for your organization, I highly recommend Java Joe's superior coffee products line. You and your customers will enjoy the coffee to the very last drop. Key Club Advisor  

Using Java Joes Coffee Fundraiser was fun and easy. Just about everyone loves coffee so selling was not hard to do at all. We are a small school and we did very well with this fundraiser, so well in fact that we are having another fundraiser using Java Joes. The coffee is very good and the people at Java Joes are very helpful. Give it a try.  

Java Joe's made our fundraising effort easy and quick. They were very helpful in getting our flyers ready and designing our logo to meet our needs. Everything arrived in proper order and made delivering the orders a painless task. Thank you for going above and beyond the measures of a fundraising company. Madonna Walker, Teacher at Lockport Early Childhood Programs  

Our child care center participated in the Java Joe’s Coffee fundraiser. We really enjoyed the fundraiser. The parents participated really well. They enjoyed the coffee and the fact that the coffee came back quickly to deliver to their customers. The staff liked the fundraiser as well. We ordered extra bags of coffee to have at the center for the teachers to make in the mornings for themselves. The fundraiser was not difficult at all. We set up a taste testing the morning of the kick-off, handed out the order forms, and gave them about two weeks to have them turned back in. I liked the percentage that the center made as a profit for our fundraiser. We will definitely participate again in the Java Joe’s Coffee fundraiser. Gina Jones, Director of University  

Hopefully we can get the rest of the kids on board and do more than one fundraiser next year- maybe one before Christmas and then another in the spring. You have all been a great organization to work with and since this group doesn’t graduate for 3 more years we will be sure to have you in our plans.  

The K-Kids Club at E.R. Crosby Elementary School participated in this fundraiser. It was a fantastic experience! It was a very simple and easy fundraiser, and the products are great.We were able to personalize our labels to promote our community service project called \"Pay it Forward.\" We are only a small group, but were able to raise $400 for this project.I highly recommend Java Joes Fundraising. Crosby Elementary  

Wow! What an easy fundraiser! This will be a yearly event for us. The product sells itself, customer service is just terrific and the online ordering system is very convenient. We had a very small group selling and we made over $500.00. We highly recommend Java Joe's for quick, easy and profitable fundraising. Cookie Holland Krebs Public School 7/8th Grade Dance Fund  

Hi Thanks for this great Fundrasier  


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